Frequently Asked Questions

Where can i go for support if i have been raped or sexually assaulted?
The Topaz Centre supports both male's and female's who have been raped or sexually assaulted. This support is available whether or not you wish to report to the police. We provide a safe, comfortable and supportive environment.
How can I contact The Topaz Centre?
You can contact us by telephoning the number on the website, asking a relative or professional to contact us on your behalf or alternatively you can contact us through the police. If you leave a contact number at the Centre, someone will call you back as soon as they can.
What medical support is available at The Topaz Centre?
There is a specialised medical suite at The Topaz Centre where experienced female and male doctors are available to advise and examine. Following a recent attack, it would be helpful if the examination could take place before washing or bathing. After the examination, the Centre has bathroom facilities so you will be able to shower and change your clothes. During your visit you will also be advised about screening for sexually acquired infections and pregnancy testing. The Centre offers a referral service to a client's local GUM clinic and therefore we can book a follow up appointment for you.
What other support will there be?
We offer an initial appointment so you may discuss your needs so we can be sure we are offering you the very best service. Following your discussions you may feel it would be benefical to have additional support from other agencies, we can facilitate those referrals for you. We have experienced and trained individuals who can offer a programme of short term support, this can include pratical advise talking through any difficulties you may be having or talking to the police on your behalf.
What would happen if i chose to report the assault to the police?
A specially trained officer will talk to you and explain the procedure. You can be assured that you will be treated in a sympathetic manner. Staff at The Topaz Centre can make third part contact, here there is no obligation and the police officers does not even have to know your name.
What if i want to see someone face to face?
The Topaz Centre offers short-term support and aims to offer appointments quickly. We are able to offer up to 8 sessions. After contacting the service an initial appointment is made for you to come into Centre to discuss your needs. If you decide you would like to continue coming to us then support sessions will be arranged with one of our dedicated support staff. We can usually offer appointments quickly and aim to have contacted you within one week to organise follow up support.